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Not many people would argue the fact that there is a major problem with overpopulation when it comes to dogs and cats. Stray dogs and feral cats are becoming a problem in cities big and small all across the country. Shelters and other facilities are overflowing with dogs and cats no one wants or that were caught roaming the streets. Countless dogs and cats have lost their lives due to overcrowding at shelters, abandonment by owners, or being hit by cars while roaming wild. The single best way responsible pet owners can help prevent these tragedies is by taking advantage of programs offered by your local vets to get your pets spayed or neutered.


Spay & Neuter Services At Your Veterinarian Office

A Pet's Choice Veterinary Care has been a part of the pet lover’s community since 1987. We and our team of animal lovers are committed to continuing a tradition of quality pet care services, while also transforming the way people look at the full-service animal hospital industry. We want to make sure every pet is cared for from basic everyday care to emergency care needs. We also want to help educate pet owners on how they can best care for their furry family member. Many services are offered to local community members, including a very convenient and affordable spay and neuter service.

Spay & Neuter Benefits

Aside from the benefit of reducing more puppies and kittens from being born, there are some other benefits to having your dog or cat fixed and these include:

  • Reduced aggression- dogs and cats, particularly the males, are usually less aggressive once they are fixed because hormone levels drop and natural tendencies to be dominant or to fight are often lowered and greatly reduced.
  • Reduced mess- cats are less likely to spray to mark territory when they are fixed and dogs too will have more control and be less ‘messy’ when it comes to their bathroom habits once they have been fixed.
  • Reduces health risks- in many cases, getting your pets spayed or neutered can help reduce possible health problems down the road and can help prevent some cancers and reproductive issues later in life.
  • Reduces excitability- many pet owners note a marked decrease in energy and hyper-activity of their pets once they are fixed, and it is believed to be caused by the reduction of hormone levels and other stimuli inside the brain.

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