Senior Pet Care

Common Problems In Senior Pets

There are many problems that are common to senior pets. Many of these problems are related to vision and weight issues. One of these problems is a calcific corneal degeneration. This happens when mineral begins to grow on the cornea. These tend to be uncomfortable, but can become ulcers. They are slow healing, if they heal at all. This is a problem for pets over the age of 14 and is not typically found until an ulcer develops on the cornea. However, when found early, eye drops can be used to help remove the minerals and help healing. High blood pressure is another condition that impacts older pets. Causing problems such as blindness, ocular hemorrhage, dilated pupils, or retinal detachment. 


Why Are Senior Pets Seem To Have More Vision Problems?

As your pet ages, there is a natural aging process that happens to its body, including the eyes and vision. There is also a normal amount of wear and tear that occurs. Senior pets have special needs and as a result need to be treated with special care. Older pets tend to have more injuries to the eye, which should be cared for because those injuries could turn into long term problems. Older pets tend to have systematic problems such as high blood pressure that can have long term impacts on their vision. 

Can Your Veterinarian Help With Vision Problems?

The best thing you can do for your senior pet vision is to assure your visiting the veterinarian for frequent annually exams. Vision problems appear suddenly and get worse very quickly. Problems that your vet will look for include discharge, squinting, cloudiness, and decreased vision. Your vet may suggest a more balanced diet for your pet. You should keep the hair trimmed around your pet's eyes so it will not irritate their eyes. You are also able to see any visible problems that might be occurring with your pet's vision. Your vet may also recommend antioxidants and supplements for your pet to help prevent vision problems. 

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